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Summer Fun with the Girls

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April 30, 2017
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May 5, 2017

The other day, my girlfriends and I were making plans to hang out, and the question of what we should do inevitably arose.

W e needed something a ordable, but also wanted something a little better than just hanging around at one of our houses. We wanted quality time together, but away from our families and the stresses that nag us at home. In the end, we probably wound up spending about an hour in a group text message dismissing any ideas as too expensive, too far away, or too boring and routine.

Especially as we get older, planning what to do becomes a problem, because we tack on more and more responsibil- ities, and money can get really tight. I’ve written about how important I think it is to spend time with your girlfriends and be silly and have a little fun. With summer here, we can spend time outside and we have some great options. So, after this debate, we came up with some ideas that are easy, simple, and cheap – or free! – ways to get that time with your best ladies.

"Especially as we get older, planning what to do becomes a problem, because we tack on more and more responsibil- ities, and money can get really tight."


We are blessed to live close to the beach...

1. Walk the boardwalk. We are blessed to live close to the beach, but badges are expensive. However, you don’t have to pay to hang out on the boards! Take advantage of the scenery and head to any of the local boardwalks to get some exercise and catch up at the same time.
2. Ride your bikes. This goes along with walking, but you can cover a lot more ground when you’re on bikes. My girls and I rode from one house in Spring Lake all the way up to Asbury, and it felt awesome!
3. Kayak or canoe. We have several places around here where you can rent a kayak for a few hours, and when you split the cost between two or more of you, it really isn’t much to think about. This is another fantastic way to get exercise that will really get you out of your comfort zone.
4. Plant a garden. Going out to eat can be expensive, but if you grow your own veggies in the backyard, you can snack on them together later. Or you can stick to owers, herbs, whatever you like! Don’t know anything about gardening? Well, there are plenty of web sites or books out there that can teach you! 5. Have a fire. Get a group of you together and sit around the re pit. Bring some beers if you want, or maybe some s’mores or hot dogs. You’ll have plenty of quiet down time to talk and hang out with simple snacks rather than anything exorbitant or expensive.

These are only a few ideas, but you get the idea: Summer fun doesn’t have to mean going out for dinner or drinks and spending lots of money. You can be smart and creative and you have plenty of opportunities to hang out with your friends and relax – that’s what summer is for!

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