The Small Business Guide on What to Post on Social Media

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The Small Business Guide on What to Post on Social Media


W hen you are a small business or solo business owner finding the time for consistency on social media can be one of your biggest challenges. As a small business usually the business owner and sometimes employees, are responsible for creating content for the company. With social media, the frequency required and knowing what to start posting that will actually be beneficial to your business can be daunting, but hopefully this article will serve as both inspiration and a guide to the small business on what to post and the sort of tone each of the main social networks.

But first, although these may be the main platforms, your business type may or may not require all of them. Two main rules of thumb:
1. Only use social sites that actually hold the type of people that buy from you and
2. Do not just talk about yourself and your business!
Number two is the biggest mistake I see businesses make on social media. It’s not about you. Social media is not just a channel to SPAM people with self involved hey look at us messages. You want to care about what customers of yours would be attracted to and want to see.


Things to post:
• Upcoming events that are open to the general public
• Photo gallery of your latest event or new items/services
• Special promotions/discounts that are limited in time
• Links (with short teasers) to recent blog articles
• Customer testmonial videos
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Things to post:
• Photo from event that is currently happening
• Sneak peaks of new product(s)
• Photo of your store or company culture (make sure you have a fun
• Happy customers!


Things to post:
• Event geofilters
• Behind the scenes Sneak peaks of new product(s)
• Pretty scenery and neighborhood shots of where your business is located
• Quick Interviews


Things to post:
• Upcoming event announcement
• Link to relevant business resource
• Live tweeting events
• Special promotions/discounts
• Link to latest blog article


Things to post:
• Demonstration(s) of your product or service
• Interview for the blog of an industry-related personality
• Other industry related helpful tips to your customers
• Video message from the business owner telling everyone to have a
happy ________ ( fill in the holiday :)) • Happy customer testimonials


LinkedIn is the corporate bigwig of the bunch and where highly educated demographics hang out. LinkedIn’s professional nature generally extends to the tone of the site as well. When posting to LinkedIn, you want to keep it short, direct, fairly dry, and professional.
Things to post:
• Link to latest blog article
• Link to campaign landing page
• Announcements of hew hires, company news, (that sort of thing...)

Other Networks

There are a bunch of popular social networks that I didn’t even include here. Real quick, here’s why:
• Google+ - As great as most Google products are, Google+ just never caught on. While you will invariably end up with a Google+ account (you have to have one to claim your business on Google Maps), there isn’t a large of enough community there to bring any kind of return on your time. But their collections can be bene cial to add product photos on your page.
• Yelp - Yelp is great, but unless you are in the restaurant business, you don’t really need to worry about Yelp.
• Pinterest - Pinterest has its place for sure (looking at you, orists, wedding industry, and clothing lines) and is a great place to sell housewares and DIY items, but most companies will not need to worry about Pinterest.

Like I said at the beginning, social media can be a lot to deal with, but it’s not impossible. I tell every business owner to think each di erent social media site as a di erent party. There are di erent people attending each party, and let’s face it most of use would not show up to a party and scream at the top of our lungs as soon as we walk into the room hey look at me look at me. But yet thats what most people do on social media. They also forget the whole “social” par., which is to engage others in conversations. With a sound strategy, thinking give give get when it comes to content and a commitment to great content for your audience, anyone can be successful! If you need help crafting your message or tone for your social media channels, we’d love to chat with you and get your company headed in the right direction!


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