Healing Powers of the Sea

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August 8, 2018
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Healing Powers of the Sea

A visit to the shore always leaves you feeling full of life and cleansed spiritually, physically, and emotionally. There is something magical about the combination of sun, sea and sand. A trip to the beach is one of the most natural and easily accessible forms of therapy available. About 70% of the
Earth’s surface is covered with water of which 96% is stored in the oceans. For centuries we looked to the sand and surf as a fully stocked pharmacy. There are several researches that have proven in fact that the sea helps us restore our mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Seawater assists in strengthening the cellular immunity, fortifying the body against viruses, bacteria, and pathogens. Further research says even the sound of the crashing sea waves has a healing e ect on the mind and body inducing deep states of relaxation.

Sea air is naturally charged with healthy negative ions that
help build our body’s capacity to absorb more oxygen. This is important because with the use of modern technology in our
daily lives such as cellphones, microwaves, and laptops we are exposed to unhealthy free radicals which erode our body’s natural energy. This is one of the reasons we feel so energized yet relaxed when we are by the sea. A simple walk barefoot on the sand neutralized the impact of free radicals in our body. The sand by the sea contains minerals required by humans that our body craves and absorb quiet quickly. Walking on the beach induces favorable physiological changes that promote good health,
boost our immune system, enhances circulation and even reduces in ammation.

Seawater has a multitude of bene ts, it
is used in modern medicine on a large
scale. A French doctor in 1897 Rene’
Quinton discovered that seawater and
our blood plasma are 98% identical.
Human blood has an extra molecule of
iron, seawater has an extra molecule of
magnesium, and apart from this all the
molecules are identical. When swimming
in the sea the body absorbs the minerals
it needs through the pores in our skin.
Iodine is one of many minerals found in
the sea that helps the body ward o infection while boosting thyroid function. Seawater increases elasticity of skin and improves circulation, aiding the body to carry blood to all the
vital organs. Plato said “The Sea cures all the ailments of man.”
In ancient times, many believed in the magic of the sea, Thalassotherapy was an e ective way to treat many ailments. Thalassotherapy us a therapeutic use of seawater, its climate, and components such as algae, seaweed, and alluvial mud. Modern therapists around the world encourage using seawater as an alternative to pharmaceuticals to treat psoriasis, joint problems, eczema, arthritis, poor circulation, immobility and even some post-operative conditions.

A swim in the sea also impacts your muscles and nervous system increasing blood circulation and is a wonderful boost to your emotional health. Recent research states that living near the sea or taking frequent trips can even add years to your life. Oceans can bring a mental shift in our self-perception, teaching us calmness, depth, harmony and acceptance of waves of change. Pack your beach blanket and never miss an opportunity to visit the shore, we all need more sand between our toes!

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