Negative Forecasting

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Negative Forecasting

Is your glass half empty? You’re about to have your last negative thought as I help you shut-down negative bias, where we think more about what goes wrong than what can go right. It is so engrained in us to have negative self-talk. Looped narratives replay in our minds like a broken record player that we just can’t seem to escape from. Sometimes we wish we could just escape our own minds, press pause or stop. This con ict is produced inside of us. You take a bad moment and draw a huge sweeping conclusion from it.

When we recognize moments like these it is important not to beat yourself up about but rather channel your true self, reconnect to your vision, and remember that you need to reject the negativity. You may think your responsible for all the negativity around you. This overgeneralizing and personalizing needs to be banished

for good. Distract yourself. If you are doing something routine, change it up. Turn o auto pilot and give that activity your full attention it demands. At times when you personalize too much that everything is your fault respond to yourself with a mantra that, “This is just negative thinking.”

The anticipation of disaster is your brain in a dress rehearsal for tragedy. Expecting everything that you plan for to go wrong
is a daily dose for constant negativity. Remind yourself that this negativity

is just your brain trying to keep you
safe by preparing you for the potential problem ahead. Anticipated situations
like this can create anxiety and
sometimes even depression. Talking
to a friend or family member may not always help in situations of exaggerat-
ed negativity making us feel as if
we have nowhere to turn. What does
help is turning inward and working
on yourself from the inside out. Find gratitude in the uneasy situation and
say to yourself, “Thank you brain for
trying to protect me but I can take it
from here. I can handle this.” Remind yourself that you have no control over certain situations or people and that there is no sense in worrying over something you cannot control. Whatever happens, you can go forth feeling determined to “ x” or “clean-up” the situation rather than feel defeated. This too shall pass just like every “tragic” situation before this one.

Mental time travel can take you on quite a ride! If your sure things just won’t go well and you start calculating that all
the odds are against you, you need to ground yourself. Press your toes into the oor to bring your awareness to your body and not your mind. You can also try walking heavier, heel-toe to feel more grounded and releasing expectations.

Emotional reasoning is fusing together
feelings and reality. You tend to think how you feel is how things are. When you feel guilty you think you must be guilty of some- thing. When you feel lonely, you think no one loves you or cares about you. This false sense of reasoning can drag down your mood and keep you there. Emotions are meant to pass through us and not set-up camp. We are meant to feel various emotions throughout the day so sitting in a negative vibration of emotions for too long can be detrimental to your health. Being conscious of

these negative emotions can help you to bring your awareness to identifying this as a temporary

state. I am lonely is a temporary state of being. You can banish this for good by beginning a daily meditation practice

with a mantra of “I am”. If your mind is still looping in those negative emotions and distracting your sleep pattern, try

a Yoga Nidra practice. This can help de-magnify the negative and help you to not xate on the downside. Yoga Nidra cane bring you into a deep relaxing state.

It can take a process of elimination to see what works best for us. One tool

that might work for your friend may not be e ective on you. Self-care isn’t

always easy and listening to what is best for your mind, body, and spirit is most

important. Force yourself to list three good things about yourself daily. Make a list of all that you are grateful for every

day. Understand that you can’t always expect a certain outcome but you can

expect to change the way you feel about that outcome.

Allison Feehan
Allison Feehan
N.D., D.Psc, CRMT Owner of Integrative Healing and Wellness 732.202.6797 523 Main Avenue Bay Head, NJ

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