Listen to Your Inner Voice

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May 7, 2020
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June 23, 2020
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Listen to Your Inner Voice

Hello June. Spring has sprung and we are emerging. We are emerging from winter, although
this weekend as I write it’s darn cold! We are emerging from isolation. We are like the seeds
planted in my garden just starting to poke our heads out into the world. Many of us don’t
feel too safe as of yet and others can’t wait to get out and about. It’s a strange place we
sit in right now. There is so much uncertainty and we are not used to uncertainty. It’s not a
place many of us are comfortable residing in. But here’s the thing, we really can’t control
much right now. We have to become used to the idea that uncertainty is all around.
So what does this mean?

Well, let’s go back to the seeds that I planted in my garden. They sit in darkness yet
somehow they know which way to grow to find the light. Slowly they push upward, through
the dark, through the dirt until eventually they send a tentative shoot out into the open air.
What if we acted like a seed during these weird, dark times? What if we tentatively, yet
confidently reached for what we needed to survive? Just sit with this for a moment. I’m
not suggesting you push yourself to go out into the world tentatively or confidently.
I’m suggesting that you turn to your inner world and listen, really listen to what your
feelings are telling you. Maybe you need to not go out just yet because you don’t feel
safe. That is something you know in this time of unknowing. Maybe you need to get
out into the sunlight and move your body. Great! Something else you do know. Our
inner worlds are full of wisdom and a sense of knowing that we could benefit from
right now. We may not know what is happening in our outer worlds but we can tune
in and know what is happening in our inner worlds.

What happens next? We tentatively yet confidently hear our inner worlds needs and
then what? We treat those parts of us as tenderly as we do the newly sprouted seeds.
Those little seedlings need our care and attention. We water them gently and make
sure no one tramples our little sprouts. The same goes for the parts of us that share
what they need. We treat those little parts gently and with compassion. We don’t let
anyone trample all over the newly sprouted needs. Think of it this way;
we would get protective if someone walked all over our garden beds,
right? So, say you voice a need and someone tells you it’s silly or
ridiculous. Do you try to protect that part of yourself? I hope so
because they are literally walking over your seedlings. It takes time
and care to allow the newly sprouted parts of us to grow strong
enough to withstand a tempest of any sort. Until that time we need
to speak up for our needs. Take this time of weird uncertainty to
go inward. Learn about your own inner world. It’s a rich place that is
full of all that makes us who we are. The more we understand our inner
world the less confusing the outer world becomes, even in these uncertain times.
Stay well, stay safe, wash your hands and until next time, eat healthy, be happy.

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