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June 23, 2020
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Side Trip

Island Beach State Park

I have lived in New Jersey for almost
20 years, and I finally found a park that
I can say, “this is all me!” With crazy
dunes and foothill-ish looking terrain,
Island Beach State Park is an absolute
gem of an area. And, it has not been
touched (just a few state buildings,
bathrooms and a nature center) by a
housing developer, or any other type of
developer for that matter. It sits as a
reminder of what this area looked like
300, 1000, even 3000 years ago.
Ok, so I didn’t do any research on
3000 years ago, but, you know what I
mean. It’s desolate. It’s Primitive.
It’s relaxing…..and there goes a fox.


My favorite part is the beach access.
They tend to be these narrow, winding,
shell-filled trails that lead across the
mostly untouched dunes right to a very
wide beach area. So wide, in fact, that
you can grab a permit for your 4-wheel
drive, lower the tire pressure, and drive on
the beach. Yes. In New Jersey. I know.
Who whadda thunk it?

As for social distancing. This is the best
place. Small but accessible parking lots
line the 10 mile Peninsula, so you only
really see bigger lots for the swimming
areas. Everything is low key. Joggers,
bicyclists, walkers, hikers, all line the one
road in…….and one road out setting.

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