Welcome to Summer at the Jersey Shore!

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July 7, 2020
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Welcome to Summer at the Jersey Shore!

I’m excited to share this “Small Business Spotlight” this month.
With the reality of COVID 19, we’ve been forced to live the new normal of many of
our local businesses being closed. Restaurants, Retail, Hair and Nail Salons, and
Tattoo Parlors.

As everything reopens with strict rules, we were able to stop by and celebrate the
re-opening of Slingin’ Ink Tattoo on Arnold Avenue, Point Pleasant Beach. This shop has been a staple on this street for over twenty five years. It’s conveniently located
on the main street downtown and just steps from the Point Pleasant Beach train
station, for those clients coming from around the world, it makes the commute easier with mass transit.

It all started with Brody Longo, great grandson of William Wright. If you were a local in Belmar around 1947-1972, you’d know Bill Wright from Sinclair Gas Station and Wright Service Garage on 6th and F Street. In those days, the garage was heated by a pot belly stove where Brodys Great Grandfather, Grandfather and Great Uncle worked.

Entrepreneurship is no stranger to this family.
Brody received his first tattoo as a young 19 year old and he was forever hooked.
He walked out of the shop after his first one, and remembers saying, “I could keep
getting them”. The shop owner offered Brody an apprenticeship and that’s how he
found himself learning the trade.

In 1995, at twenty years of age, Brody Longo found himself as a first time business owner purchasing this shop from his tattooing mentor. Yes, I said twenty years old. Two years later, he married the love of his life Colleen.
Colleen, aka “Brodys wife”. (Sorry folks, if you are related to Brody, you lose your
actual name because of his local celebrity status) She’s the lady boss behind the
operations of the shop. She manages the show and has quite a bit of artwork herself. Colleen, a Point Pleasant graduate, has always been committed to supporting local businesses. She has always “shopped small” for every shopping need to support her neighboring businesses.

I sat down with Brody and this is what he shared:

What are you most proud of as a business owner?
Owning this business for over 25 years, most proud of the growth trajectory we’ve
experienced through the years. The increase in foot traffic of customers but also
retaining the most sought after artists to provide incredible work.

How do you stay close to trends and artwork in this industry?
Trends are an integral part of the business to satisfy your clients needs in this industry.

Where in years passed, trends and newness would be showcased at tattoo conventions and Tattoo magazines, social media has really changed the game. Trends change by the second and artists are always trying to expand on them. Our clientele really
drive the trends and bring in HOT design ideas they like.

Where do you find your creative inspiration
comes from?
Everywhere! From peers, artists, friends, social media, I can
find inspiration anywhere, whether I’m at River Beach or
just randomly enjoying my local surroundings. Social media
provides a lot artwork that really pushes me to stay relevant.

What are some of your hobbies, outside of
your business?

Surfing and fishing for sure. I really like taking advantage of
living by the beach. I’m also a crossfit coach at JSA Gym
and compete in CrossFit competitions.

The shop was closed for 3 months during quarantine
how does it feel to be back?

While I definitely enjoyed being home and staying safe, I’m
excited to get back to business to serve our customers.
Thank you Brody & Colleen for sharing your business with
our readers and Congrats on re-opening to the public!
Don’t forget to follow @slingininktattoo on Instagram.

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