Safe Travel Options for Your Pup

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September 3, 2020
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October 13, 2020
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Safe Travel Options for Your Pup

With pandemic restrictions slowly easing up, travels are beginning to resume. Some trips allow the company of our dogs, some we are not. When dogs can travel with their humans, there are ways to make the trip easier on all species involved. If dogs need to stay at home, there are multiple methods of care that owners may choose from.
When bringing dogs with on vacation, most prefer to travel by car. Plane travel is much safer for pets than it used to be, airlines have high standards and tight regulations for pet cargo. Contacting the airline will give a better idea of what to expect and how to prepare. It can be a bit stressful depending on the dog, and airlines will not fly visibly sedated animals as it in-
creases the risk of heart and respiratory problems. Airlines also will not fly dogs that are

extremely reactive in the crate for the safety of their staff. If flying, you will need to pack your dog’s supplies in your own luggage.
Traveling by car allows a bit more freedom. Make sure to pack all of the essentials, such as more food and water than you think you will need, treats, a leash and collar, blankets or a bed,
poop bags, and one or two of your
pup’s favorite toys. It is good to set
up a space in the back of the vehicle
where a dog has plenty of room to sit,
stand, lay down, and stretch out. If a
dog prefers to travel in a crate that is
also an option. Having access to water
is important, so if the vehicle is not level
enough to hold a full water bowl, fill it
up and offer often.

Dogs must relieve themselves just as
often as we do, so getting them out
every few hours will make them more
comfortable. Keeping a dog on leash
is good practice, as you never know
what animals are in unfamiliar areas, or
the level of car traffic. Walking around
at rest stops is a good opportunity for
everyone to recharge and take a quick
break. Allowing a dog an hour or two
to digest breakfast and dinner helps
prevent car sickness. Treats and bones
come in handy to keep them occupied
and hold them over until meals. Setting
the air temperature in the car to a safe
level is also important.

If the destination is not conducive for dogs or your dog would prefer to stay at home, there are options to keep him or her safe and well cared for. In home pet sitters allow your dog to maintain a certain amount of their usual routine. This can be good for dogs that have anxiety when their owners leave or more special needs. It requires putting a lot of trust in the pet sitter
or company but can make it easier on a dog. Boarding is another option, though it involves needing your dog to be comfortable with a lot of new people and possibly new dogs. Higher end facilities offer extras such as private suites, multiple walks, or video coverage of your pup. Looking at reviews and prices are important factors that can help owners decide. Whether you
are bringing your pup with you or leaving them with a sitter, a little extra planning makes for a smooth trip and less stress.

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