Vet Causing Your Pup Stress?

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November 7, 2020
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November 7, 2020
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Vet Causing Your Pup Stress?

The vet can be stressful for dogs, as the doctor can be stressful for us. While we do the best
we can to prepare our furry friends and create a positive experience, their fears may be deeper
engrained. There are ways to make medical check-ups easier for dogs depending on their
individual needs. Starting a conversation with your vet can be a good place to start.

Different types of visits can be appropriate for your pups tailored to their needs. Some vets will
do home visits which can be a more comfortable experience by allowing a dog to stay in their
familiar home environment. If you are looking for more of an in between, some vets will come
out to your car to poke your pup. Less is more in terms of a medically anxious pup. The quicker
and less involved the better.
On the path of less is more, only taking a pet in for necessary vaccinations is a good step.
Wellness examinations and check ups are typically recommended, but there is a point where
they do worse than good. Weighing priorities and checking the well being of a dog is important.
Some vets may recommend mild sedatives to be taken a certain time before an appointment.
It is not the first step, but medication may be necessary to perform certain procedures. If it can
make the difference between an extremely stressful appointment and a manageable one.

Muzzles are a powerful tool in
keeping everyone safe. Training
a dog to be comfortable in a
muzzle and wearing it outside
of just a vet appointment is
essential. They make basket
muzzles, which are muzzles
with holes in them, that are
perfect for training. You can
feed treats through the holes
to your dog, or spread peanut
butter or spray cheese on the
outside to keep them occupied.
Short training sessions help
create positive associations
and makes wearing a muzzle
for vet appointments.
We want the best for our pups
and try to make the decisions
that are the best for their greater
good. There are plenty of ways
to keep their health in top shape
such as a healthy diet, regular
exercise, attention, and grooming if necessary. It may be better to skip the vet visits until
something is wrong or it is time for a vaccination. A little research or asking you around will
lead you to vets in your area that step outside the box to do things like home visits or come
out to the car in their parking lot. It may take some trial and error, but in time you can find
methods that improve the experience for you and your furry friend.

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