Master Your Energy During Uncertain Times

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April 5, 2021
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Master Your Energy During Uncertain Times

Many might agree that the energy in 2021 is somewhat reflective of 2020 in many ways. We are upon the one-year anniversary to the two-weeks of flattening the curve. The uncertainty of what comes next has so many of us out of sorts. I am witnessing so much displaced anger, emotional meltdowns, introverted behavior, depression, and down-right sadness. Uncertain times is causing uncertain behaviors and emotions for so many of us or those that we care about. Happenings outside of us can affect our mood and impact how we function.

There are daily practices that we can apply to help salvage our positive energy during these uncertain times. Look within yourself to create your own internal boundary. It’s also what I like to call your gut intuition. When a situation or conversation makes you feel uneasy, then it means it may be time to change the situation or conversation. So many of my clients are really having a hard time being on social media during these uncertain times. Watching loved ones or friends bicker or disagree can weigh on your energy as well. Even when someone posts something that may not resonate with you can sit uneasy within you. Create healthy space for yourself.

Often times we can overextend our own energy by agreeing with things that don’t align with our own happiness. Say NO to anything that makes you feel unbalanced. You DO have the control to create a space of energetic balance for yourself even if it may not feel like it at the time. Effective communication to others in this situation can also result in a positive outcome. Avoid using words of uncertainty such as “I should” “I would” and use more confirming and confident words like “I can” “I will”. Such confi- dent language also connects you to higher frequency emotions such as joy and love. Translate negative words and emotions into positive words and emotions. Once you tune out the negative you will be surprised how often you will start to connect to the energy of manifestation and abundance.

Working on your fitness can also allow you to channel your energy into something positive rather than freely giving it away. It’s not impossible to squeeze in another “chore” when that fitness may only be 15 minutes long. Sometimes all we need is some movement and fresh air. Especially, if you need to be wearing a mask for long periods of time. The lack of fresh air and increased carbon dioxide from your own exhale can also make you feel exhausted with a big lack of energy. Be mindful of this.

Like any other healthy habit, being creative is part of the process. You know yourself better than anyone else and this is a journey for all of us. Be kind to yourself and others. Selflessness is the way to spiritual growth and lifelong fulfillment and happiness, so you should focus on yourself and your needs.

In health and wellness, Allison

Allison Feehan
Allison Feehan
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