It’s Been a Heck of a Year!

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April 6, 2021
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May 9, 2021
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It’s Been a Heck of a Year!

We have been in a form of social isolation and concern over our health and the health of others for a full year at this point. Hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel. We will all need to do a lot of healing when we finally emerge from our Covid-induced funk. Many of us have known the fear of contracting Covid and others have lost loved ones and friends to it. Some have lost jobs and income. These are the obvious losses for sure but there are so many other losses that we’ve all experienced. I know that I have minimizer parts that can say things like, “at least I can do my job from the safety of my home” and “thank God I didn’t get sick or lose a loved one.” And I am so grateful for all of that, I really am. But despite the fact that some of us haven’t had the very obvious grief filled issues there is still loss. Our kids have suffered a great deal over the last year. Theirfreedom to play and run around freely has been curtailed not to mention the whole virtual school issue. We have not been able to see loved ones and hug people. We haven’t even been able to see many folks smile at us in the grocery store or passing on the sidewalk. These are losses, losses of connection and we are a species who thrives on connection. Some of the things we’ve lost

we aren’t even aware of yet from an emotional standpoint. Things like the feeling of certainty that our governing bodies can manage the real tough times; I’m not so certain of

that anymore. The feeling that things always turn out OK. I feel like we Americans have

taken a lot for granted living in this country and now perhaps we’ve awak- ened to the

fact that we
are indeed
here. Add to
all of the Covid
related issues
the entirely rough
year we’ve been in politically and wow! Reality has taken a real hit in the past year.

So how do we heal from all this? I think it will
take a while but I believe we can do it. First and foremost, we need to be open and loving towards our fellow humans. We have been divided on everything from political beliefs and race issues to whether or not the virus is even real. I’ve never in my lifetime seen such a division although I know America has weathered some very tough times
in the past. I believe that we need to get back
to truth, the real truth and not engineered or alter- native facts. This will require all of us to do our due diligence in checking out information before we spread it around. Lies hurt us terribly and it’s time we stood up to them. So, approach people with, as Brene Brown says, a soft front and
a strong back. Be open but stand up to misinfor- mation and hurtful statements. We need each other. I also suggest we all do some serious gathering and celebrating when it is safe to do so. I hope there are so many hugs going on that the world feels all that love. We sure could use it right now! Until next time, eat healthy, be happy!

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