Spring is in the Air!

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May 9, 2021
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June 1, 2021
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Spring is in the Air!

When all seems bleak and harrowing in the world, take heart! Spring is in the air and with it some safe outdoor gatherings! Also, I read research showing that the Covid vaccines are proving to be very good
at fighting the virus with no symptoms AND no illness AND, most importantly, showing a decrease in transmission rates. What that means is we are almost out of the woods. It means if you are vaccinated you can CAREFULLY gather with a small number of other vaccinated folks with no fear of catching the virus! WOO HOO!!!

Now, what that doesn’t mean is that we can forgo masks and other social distancing practices when out in public. I certainly would not start hanging out with a bunch of non-vaccinated folks without a mask but if you are around people who aren’t vaccinated and aren’t practicing social distancing or mask wearing you are still pretty well protected. What we do need to see happen is more people getting vaccinated. The problem here is that we need a certain percentage of the population to get their shots or the virus will continue to be spread.

There are still many people who are wary of the vaccine. I get it but the problem is that we will not reach herd immunity unless most people get vaccinated or they practice very careful social distancing and aren’t at any risk of catching the virus. And here’s why. If the covid virus continues to spread it will continue to mutate and if one of those variants gets past the vaccines we are back at square one. Want more of the past year? I don’t. So, let’s work for the greater good.

Please get vaccinated and please, please, do not let your guard down yet. It has been such a rough year and I know we are all just chomping at the bit to get back to some sense of normal and connect with friends and loved ones. We just need to be smart and safe about how we put ourselves out there. We are so close to ending this nightmare if we would all just hang in there and continue safe practices.

With continued social distancing and mask wearing and getting the vaccine we can start to open up our world. The CDC just allowed travel for people who are vaccinated. We are getting there. We really are. July 4th party, anyone?

Until next time, wash your hands, wear a mask and get vaccinated!!!

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