Refresh + Detox by Natalie Berko

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June 1, 2021
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Refresh + Detox by Natalie Berko

From replacing meals with smoothies to drinking only juices all day there’s always a new health trend.
We all know that staying hydrated is important for health. It’s often recommended that you drink eight glasses of water per a day. A new trend suggests adding extra ingredients to water to boost health benefits. This is called “detox water” which is said to help your body get rid of toxins, improve your energy levels and even help you lose weight. You can make detox water at home in lots of different ways, using any combination of fruits, vegetables and herbs that you like. Because it’s made by infusing flavor, rather than juicing or blending, detox water contains very few calories.

Making detox water at home is very simple, all you need is water and a selection of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Simply chop up you ingredients and add them to hot or cold water depending on your preference. If you are making a cold drink you can leave the detox
water in the fridge for 1-12 hours to allow the flavors to

infuse more deeply. Be sure to remove the ingredients
after this time though, so they don’t begin to decompose. Not only does infusion add a pleasant flavor to your regular glass of water, but it can truly be a blessing in disguise for your health.

Drinking detox water can help food to pass through the gut and prevent constipation. Even mild dehydration can affect mood, concentration and energy levels. One study looked at adults who consumed less than 41 oz. water per day. When they increased their water intake to 85 oz. per day, they were happier, had more energy and felt calmer. If you

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Natalie Berko

Certified Crystal Healer

aren’t drinking enough, increasing your water intake could improve your mood and give you more energy.

Lastly just like regular water upping your intake of infused water can help you lose weight by temporarily increasing your metabolism and making you burn more calories.
Try some of these combinations below and increase

your hydration today!

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