Fireworks…Nothing to Celebrate for Your Pup!

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July 20, 2021
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August 16, 2021
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Fireworks…Nothing to Celebrate for Your Pup!

The summer is full of parties and get togethers, often jazzed up with celebrations of fireworks. As mesmerizing as the lights may be to the human eye, a large percentage of the canine population is terrified of the exploding noises. It is extra important to make sure dogs are safe and secure inside on such nights. Wearing collars with identification is a good extra precaution, as well as having a dog microchipped and ensuring the information is attached to the correct phone number and address. We may not be able to erase the displays, but there

are steps we can take to make the situations more bearable.

Dogs’ ears are quite sensitive, so any white noise needs to be set at a higher volume to balance the fireworks. Fans, air conditioners, and relaxing music tend to work well. Having a smaller place such as a crate oftentimes increases the sense of security, or settling down as far away from the noise as possible such as in a basement. Having the company of other dogs or trusted humans helps instill addition comfort and safety. Getting a dog out before and after the blasts to do their business helps avoid amplifying encounters. Attempting to take

a scared animal out in the middle of the cacophony will only result in more fear and accomplish nothing. Many pet owners turn to homeopathic methods of soothing dogs such as CBD oil, thundershirts, or essential oils. For more serious cases, veterinarians may prescribe low doses of sedatives. To give the substance time to work as well as ensure it is consumed, any meds or supplements should be given before the start of the event. The same holds true for thundershirts, as overhandling a dog in such an overstimulated panic state can be dangerous and make the dog more uncomfortable.

As much as we attempt to alleviate the stress of fireworks, some dogs simply have no tolerance. If a dog still is in visible distress despite trying different methods to calm them, it may be less stressful for everyone to avoid the situation completely. This will require more effort in more densely populated areas, but a journey
to the boondocks to escape the show is sometimes worth it. If a dog loves car rides, a relaxing drive in the distance with music playing can be sufficient. The health and well-being of our canine friends should always be a number one priority. Some pups

are sent into full blown panic, and until silent fireworks become a widespread reality, it will be an

important, reoccurring issue. It does not have to be a catastrophe, help is possible.

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