How to Plan and Enjoy a Dog-Free Vacation

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September 1, 2021
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How to Plan and Enjoy a Dog-Free Vacation

Having adopted my dog right before COVID, we have barely been apart. The longest I had left the little nugget previously was eight hours. When planning to go out of town, I was going to need to find a safe place for him to crash. I was lucky enough to have him stay with a close friend and her dog. While not everyone may have this option, there are still a growing variety of people and places to care for your dog when away.

The pet care business has always been thriving, but with more people adopting animals thanks to COVID, there is even more of a need than ever. For well adjusted, social dogs, there are plenty of boarding facilities. These range from dropping your pup off at someone’s home to boarding at pet stores such as Petsmart to high end facilities with dog pools, playtime, and even private suites. These options are typically best for dogs that play well with others, or at least be comfortable being near other dogs twenty four hours a day. Reactive dogs or ones with high anxiety that may be uncomfortable around lots of hustle and bustle may not do as well in this type of environment.

While my pup is dog friendly, he is sensitive to handling with new people and overwhelmed by different noises. He does best in my home or in the home of a familiar friend. and Rover are both popular groups for pet sitting. The platforms
help you connect with different individuals

in your area and see which services they provide including any special experience or expertise. Bringing food, toys, and bedding with a dog may provide some comfort of home, but nothing renders solace quite like staying in your own home. Public reviews and ratings of profiles on these websites help ease an owner’s mind regarding who they trust to look after their pup.

Depending on the level of self sufficiency, some dogs may be okay with multiple visits a day while others require a sitter staying overnight. Round the clock care ensures more time to spend with a pup and more company. It means more monitoring your pup on the off chance that some kind ofemergency occurs. No one can be around twenty-four seven and sometimes sitters will have other jobs, so if it is an older
or younger dog that needs even more supervision, nanny cams are a handy option. Confining a dog to a smaller area
for visibility and giving their caretaker access to the footage offers an even greater level of protection.

Whether we have human kids or not, so many of us hold our four-legged kids to nearly the same position. In order to be at ease about their care when away, it is vital to know they are in safe, capable hands. Luckily there are many animal lovers out there who are willing to give their time and energy to keep our furkids happy and healthy. Take some time to think and research which option would be the best for your pup’s personality, and always have a plan in place in case of emergencies. This will allow both you and your dog to enjoy your vacation stress free!

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