Is Pet Adoption for You?

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Is Pet Adoption for You?

Dogs are amazing companions.

When one becomes a dog owner, they often become one for life. While deal- ing with the passing of one may be di cult, the reward of nding and bonding with another one seems to take priority each time. As we age and adjust our lifestyles, the most suitable type of dog changes as well.

Adopting a dog is a huge responsibility; it is now ours for the rest of its life. No one can predict the future, but some elements are in our control. Having a place to live that is secure and pet friendly is important. If someone is living in a temporary home, they may not be able to take their pet with them. Finding rentals that accept all breeds and sizes of dogs can be di cult or deliver a hefty fee. Stress of moving often is detrimen- tal to dogs with certain personalities as well.

Moving around for work or school can also be an issue. There may not be a family or friend to watch an animal for extended periods of time. Knowing one is secure enough in their living and work situations is vital when an animal will be dependent on you.


Another lifestyle factor to be considered is physical capability. It can be di cult to admit, but some dogs may be too strong or rambunctious for an individual. Trying to raise a dog that doesn’t match someone’s strength and activity level can be discouraging on both ends.

Aging also factors into capability and stability. As we age, we may require assistance with certain activities. We may even have to move into homes that are more accommodating or facilities that do not allow dogs. Surprise health circumstances can interfere with ability to take care of our pets as well.

Just because there are uncertainties does not mean that adopting a dog is out of the question. If committing to a long-term pet is unrealistic, there are plenty of older dogs out there. The idea of only having a dog for a few years may seem unsettling, but there are many bene ts. Adult or older dogs are often already house trained and do not require as much time and attention as puppies or young dogs. They can be calmer and already settled into their personalities. They also tend to be overlooked by people looking for young dogs.
Everyone’s lifestyle is di erent. Stability is one of the most important factors in knowing you are ready to adopt a dog. The great thing is that dogs can be as versatile as humans, and nding one tting of your life, activities, and abilities is possible. Sta at an adoption center can help you choose a dog you are con dent you can commit to, and help ensure that you can build a happy, positive relationship.

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