I am a Rule Breaker

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October 1, 2017
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I am a Rule Breaker


W ho knew?? Even back in the day there were mean girls. Mean girls who actually dictate how you dress today. Let me explain. After the Civil War the wives of the super rich created their own little club. They wanted to distinguish themselves. They wanted to set themselves apart from those they believed beneath them. So they created rules for dressing for only those in the know. The rules for dressing would be shared only with the ladies from well established families with a long standing as ‘old money’ families. These rules were never shared with the ladies from the ‘newly rich’ families. They truly believed those that came into money after the war were beneath them in social status. So, when they were out and about at a social function and a woman appeared in a gown with the ‘wrong’ sleeve length or ‘wrong’ hem length they would be able to spot them. Then they knew who to shun and exclude from their circle because she was clearly not privy to the inside rules for dressing - marking her as beneath them.

It is believed that not wearing white after Labor Day is another of these silly,made-up rules. So, essentially, a small group of mean girls made up this rule over 100 years ago. This silly rule has continued to be passed down until today. This rule was invented to exclude people so it’s a rule I refuse to follow!

I love my white jeans in the winter. I wear them more often in the cooler months than I do in the warmer months. Let’s be clear - I am not abdicating wearing your white sandals and linen pants this winter. But I am saying you can rock your white jeans all year round. Remember, it’s all in the details and what you pair with your white jeans. Think black turtleneck sweater and booties. Think chambray shirt, puffer vest and animal print pumps. Think button-down, crew neck sweater, plaid blazer and fabulous flats. Your white jeans really are a blank canvas for the rest of your outfit to shine.

You are not in high school anymore. Don’t let a bunch of mean girls from 100 years ago bully you into following some outdated, exclusionary rules. Pull out your white jeans, layer up with some tops, sweaters, vests , jackets and cool kicks. I promise - I will sit with you at lunch when you have your white jeans on in December. Chances are - I will have mine on too!

And remember what Therese Anne Fowler said. “Some rules are nothing but old habits that people are afraid to change.”

Go. Be Brave. Wear white after Labor Day!


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