Why Do We Eat The Way We Do?

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September 4, 2018
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September 4, 2018
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Why Do We Eat The Way We Do?

Do you ever get curious about what makes people choose to eat certain ways as opposed to others? Many people have really good ideas of how to eat. The problem is when people endeavor to eat that way for some reason they don’t manage to pull it o . I hear so many people talk about their frustration at not eating in a manner they want to. They can’t make any sense to why they just don’t do it.

There are lots of reasons people eat the way they do and many
of them are complicated. A bigger picture that underscores
much of why people use coping mechanisms in their lives can
be summed up by Abraham Maslow, “We fear and crave becom- ing truly ourselves.” Imagine if you can, your ideal version of your life. Think in terms of greatness. What would your life look like? Would you have a di erent job or career, live somewhere else, make more or less money, di erent friends? Perhaps life would look di erent in a way you can’t even really allow yourself to consider; a di erent spouse or partner, a di erent relationship with family members, or any other change in an area of life that you try mightily not to think about. We can get really good at stu ng thoughts or ideas way down deep so we don’t have to contemplate the pain we’d go through to make

those changes. Unfortunately, some level of our consciousness is aware of our unhappiness or discontent and it starts
to ooze out as we get older. This is

where coping skills come in. Eating or drinking or spending money, even keeping busy all the time are examples of nifty coping skills that help us to avoid feeling things we don’t want

to feel or are afraid to feel. This can all go on without us even being aware
we are doing it.

The inability to stop the coping behavior is often the rst clue that something is amiss. Problem is, trying to stop the coping behavior while the discontent simmers below is like trying to stop a mama bear from protecting her cubs. Frustration mounts for the person

trying to change the eating, drinking,
spending or keeping busy etc. behavior to no avail. What is a person to do?

The rst step to changing a coping behavior that is no longer working for you is to realize that it really is working for you.
You may not like that your weight won’t budge or you can’t get out of debt but you are being protected from the deep discontent that may be lurking below the reaches of your conscious aware- ness. You are living exactly the type of life you want right now; protected. If you choose to examine, without judgment, the life you are leading and how content you really are or aren’t, you will be taking the rst step toward considering how you really want

to live and the rst step toward not needing that pesky coping skill.

This is not an easy thing to do but consider this; No one ever says they are

unhappy with the growth they make even if it’s a painful process. Consider the

following question as a start; what is your greatness? Until next time, eat

healthy, be happy.

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