Breakfast Tacos — Vegetarian and GF

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Breakfast Tacos — Vegetarian and GF

Breakfast Tacos — Vegetarian and GF


Chopped tomatoes
Sauteed onions and peppers
Black beans
3 Eggs
3 Corn Tortillas (small)
Spinach (or any dark leafy green)

• Make sure to pan fry the corn tortillas first on a medium heat with a little butter or olive oil.
They not only stay together better, but they taste much better too.
• Put the spinach on tortillas first.
• If you want any sauteed vegetables, sauteed them next with butter or olive oil. Distribute evenly between the tortillas.
• Turn down the heat of the pan to low before putting in the eggs.
• For the eggs, break them open into a bowl before the pan so it is easier to take the shells out if any fall in.
• Whip the eggs and a splash of cream with a fork or whisk until it is frothy.
Make sure the pan has cooled down a bit before putting the eggs in.
• Coat the pan in butter or oil and pour in the eggs. Use a rubber spatula to slowly stir the eggs so they cook and scramble evenly.
• Just before they finish cooking, take them off the heat and fold in the spices and
cheese, and put back on the heat until finished.
• Evenly distribute to tortillas and top off with siracha if desired.

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