Turn Micro-Moments into Self-Care Rituals

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November 7, 2020
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December 19, 2020
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Turn Micro-Moments into Self-Care Rituals

“Self-care” is something we hear about a lot and for a good reason. Many of us are tired from the many demands
placed on us from others and from ourselves. We can rush to get somewhere, or we can pace ourselves and move
in a calm graceful way. The difference is one way gets you there feeling frazzled and the other way doesn’t. While
it’s not possible to avoid that feeling of chaos completely there are things we can do to feel much calmer overall.
If we can carve out some moments of peace and quiet, and reduce our screen time we can create a calmer,
happier and more fulfilled life. Self-care is necessary for our physical and mental health. Although it might feel like
the opposite, the times when we feel least able to pay attention to our self-care are the times when we need it the
most. Micro-moments of time are those unplanned or disregarded moments of time we all have throughout the day.
They’re the moments when we are often mindlessly scrolling or pinning without giving it another thought. They happen
when we are frustrated waiting on hold or waiting for someone who is running behind. If we can look at these moments
differently as little opportunities we can use this time constructively.
Start with your needs first, self-care is about meeting your human needs. This could be a need for relaxation, a need for
quiet, a need for stability and so much more. Ask yourself what needs do I want to meet here? What do I need most in my
life right now? This will help you truly care for yourself and make your self-care more efficient.
It’s important to remember self-care doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive. Here are seven ways to take a calming
moment to yourself, anytime, any day:


1. Aromatherapy
Essential oils can provide a needed energy boost or a
relaxing stress soothing effect. Place a few drops in your
diffuser or apply your favorite blend topically. Essential oils
give us an opportunity to enjoy the simple luxury of a lovely
scent along with other benefits.

2. Acupressure
Acupressure is a practice long used in traditional Chinese
medicine to help with everything from stress and anxiety to
chronic pain and immune health. Acupressure uses pressure
from fingertips to facilitate healing in the body and balance
chi or life-force energy. Try by pressing the Yingtang point,
underneath your Third Eye, where the bridge of your nose
meets your forehead. Stroke it gently with your index and
middle finger to promote calm during stressful moments.

3. Tea-Sipping Ritual
For a quick mindful ritual, find somewhere to enjoy your tea
undisturbed. Take it slow, watch the steam rise off the surface
letting it warm your face. Smell the gently aroma of the tea,
sip slow and savor the tea and the moment.

4. Breath Work Exercise
Breath work is one of the most powerful ways we know to
influence the state of your body at any moment. Try alternate
nostril breathing to balance the masculine and feminine energy
within the body helping you achieve a state of calm relaxation.

5. EFT “Tapping”
Similar to acupressure, the Emotional Freedom Technique
or tapping, involves repeatedly tapping certain parts on the
body while saying specific phrases. By verbally addressing
a problem while tapping pressure points, the idea is the
physically and mentally release stagnant energy.

6. Take a Mindful Walk
Get your body moving and enjoy nature and all its sounds.
Take it one step further and go barefoot – also known as
“earthing” – to connect with the Earth while you take some
time to connect with yourself.

7. Sound Bath
Listen to some nature sounds, singing bowls or chimes.
Give the sounds your full attention for two minutes,
ten minutes, half an hour – however long you need to feel
like you cared for yourself and are more relaxed than you
were before.

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